Hot-Tub, Spa & Pool Removal

Hot tubs are one of the most difficult items for a homeowner to take out without the right tools and experience. They are extremely heavy and are intriquite detailed, so it takes some knowledge on how to break it down correctly. You’ll need a professional to handle your hot hub removal, and Elephant’s Hauling has all the necessary understanding of what needs to be done.

Hot tub removal process step by step

The process is not as easy as you think 

Assuming that you have an non-functional hot tub that is occupying room, most people would think about either sledgehammering or using a chainsaw to take it apart. The thing is that taking a hot tub apart is a little more delicate than that, and you could end up causing more damage than good. 

The Sawzall saw is actually the best tool when breaking down a hot tub.  The first thing we need to do is disconnect the tub from any electrical or gas line hook ups. Next, we need to remove the motor, sometimes there is more than one. After the motors have been removed, locating any modules in the back of the tub and removing those as well. Then we can start cutting it with the sawzall and breaking down each section into removable pieces, heavy enough for one person to unload into the dumpster. 

Cutting up a hot tub appears to be an enormous task, however it doesn’t actually have to be. If you hire trained professionals like us, we have a detail oriented plan to take the hot tub apart piece by piece. 

By watching the video above, you can get a better understanding of what is actually involved in the entire demo process.

Factors for Pricing


Every hot tub is different when it pertains to the size of it. There are single spas which only hold about 4 people and their are larger spas that can fit around 10 people in maximum. So we take into consideration the dimensions of your device, to give you the best quote possible.


The condition of the existing hot tub is key in determining the price for removal. For example, if a customer has already disconnected everything and just needs the parts taken away then it would be much cheaper than a full service disposal.

Installation Method

There are various ways that tubs are installed from the disrecpancy of years or models that they may be. Some are installed directly in a pool and some are above ground, just for reference. It all depends on the installation type when factoring a specific quote.

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Pool Removal Service

2 Different Kinds of Pool Disposals

In-Ground Pool

in ground pool demo

Obviously from the picture above you can see that the main variance between these 2 types of disposals are the equipment involved. With a In-Ground Pool, you need heavy machinery to break the floor of the pool into pieces. We have access to all the machines needed for this process, but it is not a typical job for us.

Above Ground Pool

above ground pool demo

One of the more common pool removals for us is the above ground pool. Some people acquire a property and can’t stand the look of this kind of pool and want it gone. Others had these pool installed years before and they become non-functional. Whatever the reason is that you need an above ground pool gone, we are here to help.

Differences in the two pool type removal process

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing?

We calculate all pricing for disposals of tubs and spas based on the location of our customers and the size of the pool or tubs that need to be hauled away. 

How long is a hot tub or pool removal expected to take?

Hot tubs should take no more than 2 days max.

Above Ground pools will take 1 day

In ground pools could take anywhere from 2 to 4 days depending on the size of the pool

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