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Professional Junk Removal Services

The Process

We get the job done fast and proficient! 


When it comes to junk removal, we have the best trained professionals in the industry. This leads to faster job completions, and keeps our customers happy. We have years of experience in removing waste and other items, so this gives us an edge on other companies. All of this put together with our Elephant strength, makes a recipe for success.

Junk Removal Process Step by Step

Our Removal Services

We Can Handle Many Different Kinds

furniture removal junk
Furniture Removal

We handle all unwanted furniture and haul it away. This is one of our most popular junk removal kinds, because most times the furniture takes up too much space for even a pick up truck and would require many trips to the dump.

commercial waste junk
Commercial Waste Removal

We are prepared to take on any commercial waste removal, no matter the size of your company. There are many different commercial establishments that we have removed waste from in the past including Entertainment centers, recreational facilities, large & small office buildings, and apartment complex’s just to name a few. 

residential junk removal
Residential Waste Removal

Tired of unwanted trash around the house or that nasty pile of garbage in the shed or tucked away in the garage? We can properly dispose of any domestic waste found around your residence. Some of these items like tree limbs and brush, or household items like clothes and food. 

construction debris removal junk
Construction Debris

If you are in the middle of a remodel and you’ve done the demolition but now have bags and bags of trash that you want to get rid of, lets us handle the rest. It already takes so much work to remodel a home from start to finish even if it’s one part of the house. We will come in and remove any of the construction debris so you don’t have to through the hassle of renting a dumpster and filling it yourselves. It doesn’t matter where the debris is located in or around your home, just show us what you want removed and we will handle the rest.

hot tub spa removal junk
Hot Tub Removal

Got an old hot tub just taking up space and not worth the price to fix it? We are trained and specialists at disconnecting hot tub and spa’s, and taking them apart to haul away. Hot Tubs are very heavy, we come prepared with the bodies to disassemble it piece by piece. 

hoarder home removal junk
Hoarder & Eviction Cleanouts

Hoarder houses can be very dirty and packed up to the ceiling at times. Sometimes a family member dies and a house is inherited, or a house is bought in an as is condition. No matter how the house was aquired, hoarder houses can be the most difficult to clean out at times. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty, we will come in and clear a hoarder house in 2 to 3 days max! If you own rentals, and have to perform an eviction, the house can be left a mess at times. We also will come in and take care of your eviction clean out.

natural disaster clean out junk
Natural Disaster Cleanouts

Hurricanes, Fires and Tornado’s happen in life, especially hurricanes if you live in a tropical place like Florida. It’s almost excepted during Hurricane season that we will at least get one tropical storm to hit land. If under unfortunate circumstances the area you’re located in receives heavy winds and rain, this can cause extreme damage to your home and trees. 

Top Service Guaranteed

Elephant’s Hauling is better than the rest

We are confident at what we do and it really shows when you look at our jobs completed. This took years of blood, sweat and tears to earn the trust of our customers. Just look at our reviews, our clients have nothing but respect for our determination and willingness to go above and beyond. Junk removal can be outright dirty at times, and we don’t expect our customers to touch some of the objects. 

Not all junk removal companies are created equal. 

What separates us from other providers:


Our customers keep coming back because of our services are affordable


We have more experience and more knowledge than other businesses 


Our friendliness, honesty and prompt timing wins over customers. 


The time it takes to accomplish a job wows out clients